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Le Code MAYA – X – l’argent ( Video )

Cycles of time in the Galaxy. The Maya calendar.
The Maya Code reveals the original memory of our galactic birth.
I have seen the galactic body.

Les cycles du temps galactique/ le calendrier MAYA.
Le code MAYA révèle la mémoire originale de notre naissance galactique.
J'ai vu le corps galactique.

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Hexagon: “Life has always manifested in many ways the natural architecture that enable our entire reality

Geometry is one of the ways that allows us to contemplate or to understand what is hidden to our eyes, as the riddle of life.

The hexagon could express all the basic energy structures of the universe known and unknown through his Sacred Geometry, as well as "The Platonic solids" contains this infinite and inexhaustible information available to us all.

HEXAGON door invites you to the riddle of life.

You are even ENIGMA life.”

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12 Robes / soundtrack

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Produced and Mixed by Jorge Govea

Sound design at Saint Maurice Studio

All songs written and produced by Jorge Govea Piano/ Guitar/ Noises and Effects

Voices by Leïla ***

"La Fleur du TEMPS"

"Le feu de l’ESPRIT"

"Le feu du CIEL"



Special Thanks to:

Eliane Radigue

"Le VERBE Créateur Y" - "L'ile re-sonante"

"Le VERBE Créateur X" - "L'ile re-sonante"


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